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2017 Legislative Bills

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Bill Number Subject Our Stance HB 471 Relative to induced termination of pregnancy statistics Support HB 156 Including a viable fetus in the definition of “another” for purposes of certain criminal offenses Support HB 351 Making a person who knowingly causes the death of a child guilty of capital murder. Against HB 578 Relative to banning abortion after viability Support…

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First Issue First

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Few people have not been used for something in their lives. Perhaps a coworker frequently joins you for lunch and doesn’t remember her wallet or a sibling with a habit of borrowing your vehicle and leaving the tank empty. Of course there are the, so called, friends that borrow stuff never to be returned or that, all too familiar girlfriend…

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Integrity, Whaaht?

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Integrity, ya…it means that you don’t fall apart when someone pokes, provokes or prods you in an attempt to change or at least modify your position on an issue. Actually, position is never a safe place to be on any issue. Just imagine with me for a moment: You must balance, standing on a yoga ball. That is what it…

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Dear Candidate for NH Office

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Dear Political Candidate, My name is Darlene. We have not met. I’ve been told that you are not pro-life. You are listed as a Republican on the Republican ballot here in NH. Pro-life is a modern term that usually means anti-abortion to most people. It means a great deal more than that to me. I would venture to say that…

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