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November 2, 2000 Contact: (603) 471-0230


We, the undersigned physicians, hereby certify that a human fetus is a living human being, regardless of size, age, or appearance.

We uphold every woman's right to decide whether to have a child. We certify,however, that when she becomes pregnant, she already has her child.

We reject, as totally groundless, the concept that a fetus becomes human when it is capable of "independent" life. We certify that all fetuses, infants and children are dependent upon others for survival.

Thus, we certify that induced abortion is the killing of a human being. It is our obligation as qualified experts, to point out these facts.

We renew the Hippocratic oath to "maintain the utmost respect for every human life from fertilization to natural death and reject abortion that deliberately takes a unique human life."

We believe it is the duty of public officials, legislators and the courts to protect the rights of these human beings the same as any other human being in our society.

Governor Shaheen, however, has desecrated these rights. She has deprived a whole class of unborn citizens their God given right to life. She has discriminated against them on the basis of their age and wantedness. She has denied them equality before the law. By signing the repeal of New Hampshire's pro life statutes, Shaheen has issued an executive order condemning innocent babies to a most unjust and painful execution.

We repudiate this attack against human life.

We renounce support of Jeanne Shaheen and implore other physicians and citizens to do likewise.

We believe public officials who do not respect life are unworthy of office They are unable to advance society's well being because the right to life is the fundamental condition for all other human rights.

Original Signed by:

Sergio M. Arambulo MDDr. Thomas Barrett MD
Andrew J. Breuder MD, MPH, FACPMFathi Elkurd, MD
Daryl Erickson, MD, FACSMelecio Flores, MD
Andrew I. Forrest MDDr. Richard Johnson MD
Anna Kercopka MDAngelo Lorusso, MD
Allan Mendell MDDouglas O'Mara MD
J.O. Pablo MDJosefina F. Pilpil-Arambulo MD

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