Political  Action  Committee

The NHRTL PAC serves the pro-life community by proactively helping selected candidates get
into office.  We work in the political arena in a way more partisan than the regular, non-profit,
NHRTL Committee is allowed.   Therefore, the PAC can leverage our insiders view of the political
landscape to help candidates and work on imperatives to help defend respect for human life.  Since
we are a state PAC, and not a federal PAC, we are limited to state races.

Auburn,  Bedford, Candia, Derry, Hooksett, Hudson,  Litchfield, Londonderry, Manchester, Pelham, and Raymond

NHRTL-PAC  Endorses
for Executive Council District 4

 NHRTL-PAC Press Release: Hagan Endorsement (PDF) 

January  31, 2002
Contact: Ed Holdgate,  NHRTL-PAC Chairman

NHRTL-PAC  Endorses  Barbara  Hagan  for  Exec.  Council

The NHRTL Political Action Committee today announces endorsement of Barbara Hagan for Executive Council District 4.   "Barbara intends to compel Planned Parenthood to have ‘bake sales’ like ordinary non-profit groups,” said NHRTL-PAC Chairman Ed Holdgate.   “We consequently endorse Barbara’s initiative in a heartbeat.”

Planned Parenthood of Northern New England enjoyed just under $13 million in 1999.   “Planned Parenthood’s ravenous appetite for taxpayer dollars reveals their planned recipe:  sex, sex, sex, and abortion, abortion, abortion.   No one can stare down the hungry wolves and roaring lions from Death, Inc. like Barbara Hagan,” said Holdgate.

"Principled pro-life voters in Council District 4 can depend on Barbara Hagan to tenaciously defend the right to life and the right not to finance our pro-abortion adversaries with our very own tax dollars.   As a mother of seven, Barbara knows how to defend the public cookie jar and how to dish out fiscal responsibility.”

Voters are welcome to visit the NHRTL-PAC webpage at   for more background information.


 Click Here for Barbara Hagan's Campaign Website 

March  for  Life: January 19, 2002: 

"I  want you all to visualize, an Executive Council meeting with 5 councilors and Gov. Sanger.   And the newly elected councilor from District 4, is a pro-life activist.   I want you to visualize that for a minute.   I want you to visualize Planned Parenthood coming to the Executive Council for millions of dollars in contracts, and the E.C. finally saying to Planned Parenthood, 'You're just like every other 501(c)3 organization, so go have a bake sale and stop taking our money!'  

It is not a function of government to fund Planned Parenthood.  That is one of my main messages in running for this E.C. seat.  The time is short.  The primary is February 5.  If you live or know anyone that lives in Auburn, Bedford, Candia, Derry, Hudson, Litchfield, Londonderry, Manchester, Pelham or Raymond, you need to get on the phone.  You need to contact these people and tell them this is going to be our first pro-life victory of 2002.  We're going to elect another Councilor -- to join David Wheeler -- to be proud of the pro-life Republican platform and to stop Gov. Sanger's agenda of socialist policy that wants to do away with babies in the womb. 

I don't want your money,  I want your prayers and I want your activity.   The new year is here.   Please promise me that you will leave here today to begin our grassroots effort to  take back our government, and to help pro-life representation right here in Concord, New Hampshire, at an Executive Council meeting.   No more money for Planned Parenthood!   I give you my solemn promise!   God Bless you!  Let's go march!"




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