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The NHRTL PAC serves the pro-life community by proactively helping selected
candidates get into office.  We work in the political arena in a way more partisan
than the regular, non-profit, NHRTL Committee is allowed.   Therefore, the PAC
can leverage our insiders view of the political landscape to help candidates and
work on imperatives to help defend respect for human life.   Since we are a state
PAC, and not a federal PAC, we are limited to state races.



May 13, 2003
Require Parental Notification Before Minors May Obtain an Abortion
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This parental notification bill is to insure parents or guardians are notified when
an unemancipated minors under age 18 seeks an abortion.  It is merely notification,
NOT consent!   There is a judicial by-pass clause.   A public hearing was before
the NH Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, May 13, but they voted 3 to 2
for an amendment which rendered the bill meaningless.   One of the 3,
Sen. Frank Sapareto (R-Derry) apparently flip-flopped because he is among
the 12 (of 24) Senators who signed NHRTL-PAC surveys in support of
parental notification.   NHRTL consequently issued a Press Release on the matter.

The full Senate is expected to vote on this bill soon, probably MAY 22, so contact
them ASAP and implore them to:

  • REJECT any and all AMENDMENTS to this bill

  • PASS the ORIGINAL TEXT of HB-763 in support of Parental Notification

A big thank-you to Gov. Craig Benson for his 2001 NHRTL-PAC survey return
supporting Parental Notification, and his testimony of support before the Senate
Judiciary Committee on May 13!


Craig Benson
Office of the Governor
25 Capital Street
Concord  NH  03301
Click above to see survey!
(O) (603)271-2121
[email protected]

Below are images of the survey returns from the 12 Senators who pledged to
support parental notification
.   Make sure they know you have seen their
survey returns on the NHRTL-PAC webpage:

District Senators Survey Responses with
pledge of SUPPORT
for parental notification
Contact information
for Senators
Dist. 1
John Gallus
292 Prospect Street
Berlin, NH  03570-2137
No survey response (H) (603)752-1066
(O) (603)752-6000
[email protected]
Dist. 2
Carl Johnson
42 Dale Road
Meredith, NH  03253-6802
Click above to see survey!
(H) (603)279-6492
(O) None Specified
[email protected]
Dist. 3
Joseph Kenney
PO Box 201
Union, NH  03887-0201
Click above to see survey!
(H) (603)473-2569
(O) (603)271-3073
[email protected]
Dist. 4
Robert Boyce
Star Route W #113
Alton Bay, NH  03810-9713
Click above to see survey!
(H) (603)875-7371
(O) None Specified
[email protected]
Dist. 5
Clifton Below
25 Perley Avenue
Lebanon, NH  03766-1816
No survey response (H) (603)448-2519
(O) (603)448-5899
[email protected]
Dist. 6
Richard Green
15 Nola Avenue
Rochester, NH  03867-3316
No survey response (H) (603)332-1567
(O) None Specified
Dist. 7
Robert Flanders
P.O. Box 1
Antrim, NH  03440-0001
Click above to see survey!
(H) (603)588-2159
(O) (603)271-2246
[email protected]
Dist. 8
Bob Odell
PO Box 23
Lempster, NH  03605-0023
No survey response (H) (603)863-9260
(O) (603)863-9797
[email protected]
Dist. 9
Sheila Roberge
83 Olde Lantern Road
Bedford, NH  03110-4816
Click above to see survey!
(H) (603)472-8391
(O) (603)641-6900
[email protected]
Dist. 10
Thomas Eaton
27 Pheasant Hill Road
Keene, NH  03431-4339
No survey response (H) (603)352-8887
(O) None Specified
[email protected]
Dist. 11
Andrew Peterson
PO Box 59
Peterborough, NH  03458-0059
No survey response (H) (603)924-7817
(O) (603)924-3321
[email protected]
Dist. 12
Jane O'Hearn
7 Pope Circle
Nashua, NH  03063-3307
Click above to see survey!
(H) (603)889-6036
(O) (603)271-3041
[email protected]
Dist. 13
Joseph Foster
9 Keats Street
Nashua, NH  03062-2509
No survey response (H) (603)891-0307
(O) (603)595-9700
[email protected]
Dist. 14
Robert Clegg
39 Trigate Road
Hudson, NH  03051-5120
Click above to see survey!
(H) (603)880-6193
(O) (603)594-9141
[email protected]
Dist. 15
Sylvia Larsen
23 Kensington Road
Concord, NH  03301
No survey response (H) (603)225-6130
(O) (603)271-3076
[email protected]
Dist. 16
Theodore Gatsas
582 Chestnut Street
Manchester, NH  03104-6052
Click above to see survey!
(H) (603)668-1233
(O) (603)623-0220
[email protected]
Dist. 17
John Barnes
PO Box 362
Raymond, NH  03077-3062
Click above to see survey!
(H) (603)895-9352
(O) None Specified
[email protected]
Dist. 18
Andre' Martel
237 Riverdale Avenue
Manchester, NH  03103-7301
Click above to see survey!
(H) (603)622-8411
(O) None Specified
[email protected]
Dist. 19
Frank Sapareto
14 Oxbow Lane
Derry, NH  03038-4533
Click above to see survey!
(H) (603)894-7083
(O) (603)894-4964
[email protected]
Dist. 20
Lou D'Allesandro
332 St. James Avenue
Manchester, NH  03102-4950
No survey response (H) (603)669-3494
(O) (603)271-2600
[email protected]
Dist. 21
Iris Estabrook
8 Burnham Avenue
Durham, NH  03824-3011
No survey response (H) (603)868-5524
(O) None Specified
Dist. 22
Charles Morse
18 Brook Hollow Drive
Salem, NH  03079-1866
No survey response (H) (603)894-5459
(O) (603)362-6200
Dist. 23
Russell Prescott
8 Farm Road
Kingston, NH  03848-3121
Click above to see survey!
(H) (603)642-4243
(O) (603)772-4321
[email protected]
Dist. 24
Burton Cohen
P.O. Box 208
New Castle, NH  03854-0208
No survey response (H) (603)431-2581
(O) (603)431-0066
[email protected]

Be sure to read the NHRTL PRESS RELEASE on this bill.


NHRTL President




into non-binding Platform by a vote of  167 to 149
at the September 21, 2002 NHGOP Convention:

but thereafter ....

On January 25, 2003, the NH Republican State Committee
rejected Lambert as a By-Law change by a
vote of 124 to 186  (40% supported Lambert)

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