Political  Action  Committee

The NHRTL PAC serves the pro-life community by proactively helping selected candidates get
into office.  We work in the political arena in a way more partisan than the regular, non-profit,
NHRTL Committee is allowed.   Therefore, the PAC can leverage our insiders view of the political
landscape to help candidates and work on imperatives to help defend respect for human life. 
Since we are a state PAC, and not a federal PAC, we are limited to state races.


You are welcome to download / print / photocopy the Voter Guide!
Distribute your printouts / photocopies soon!   THANKS!

Direct mail is costly (especially since the rate increase!) so
the NHRTL-PAC is, again, asking for volunteers to help leaflet
cars on the weekend before the September 10 Primary.   You
can get 50 to 250 copies of the above "Voter Guide" from us
if you volunteer as soon as possible!    Just call us at 603 626-7950
or write  [email protected]      Do not leaflet where you are asked
not to, and do not leaflet if it is wet/rainy.   Be cautious of moving
cars, and be careful with windshield wipers or door jams when
you place the flyers onto the cars.
   It's a great way to help those
candidates who, in turn, can be positioned to help the babies!

SEPT.  10,  2002

Make a difference:  Don't just VOTE for these
candidates, contact them and help them!

NHRTL-PAC  Endorses
Gordon Humphrey
for Governor

August 29, 2002
Contact: Ed Holdgate,
NHRTL-PAC Chairman


NHRTL-PAC  Endorses
Gordon Humphrey  for  Governor

The NHRTL Political Action Committee today announces the endorsement of Gordon Humphrey for Governor.


"Gordon Humphey has earned the PAC endorsement by conscientiously defending the babies and mothers for years," said NHRTL-PAC Chairman Ed Holdgate.   "Genuine pro-life voters easily perceive the difference between Gordon Humphrey, who tenaciously defends innocent human life at every chance, and Craig Benson, who claims pro-life sentiments, but has precious few pro-life credentials and even a record of gifts to pro-abortion Jeanne Shaheen," Holdgate said.  "If the pro-lifers who recognize the difference will get involved  and vote September 10, more babies will be able to enjoy their God-given right to life."


 The NHRTL-PAC is similarly pleased to support a pro-life slate of earnest and focused candidates.   Dave Wheeler, Bob Boyce, Shelia Roberge, Russ Prescott and Jack Barnes have worked hard for the unborn.   So too Gary Daniels, Andy Martel, and Jim Boynton, who are now seeking to serve in the NH Senate instead of the House.   We are satisfied that Bea Francoeur will keep the best interests of the babies and their mothers in mind, so pro-lifers should seek out all these individuals to help with their campaigns. 


Details and contact information for these selected candidates, as well as a Voter Guide showing survey returns and votes by incumbents, appears on the NHRTL-PAC webpage at under the NHRTL-PAC button.

 Click Here for
Gordon Humphrey's
Campaign Website 

Relevant Quotations: 

"I'll always be there with you, standing for the sanctity of human life." -- Gordon Humphrey Mailer, August 2002 

"As Governor, I will actively support organizations performing works of mercy, including pro-life organizations that help women who are pregnant but unmarried." -- Gordon Humphrey Mailer, August 2002

"I support giving citizens the opportunity to express their support for the sanctity of human life by means of a license plate message." -- Gordon Humphrey letter, July 2002 (See CHOOSE LIFE details)

"Last night, I attended the annual dinner for New Hampshire Right to Life.   Again, Governor Shaheen was absent.   For my part, I was proud to join together with my pro-life friends in support of the sanctity of human life."  -- Gordon Humphrey letter, November 3, 2001

"It is frustrating to me and other conservatives that there are so many Republicans ashamed of Republican principles and the Republican platform." -- Gordon Humphrey, Union Leader 12/8/99 



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