Planned Parenthood


A Poignant Letter by a Former State Representative

Over ten years ago, when I sat on the House Judiciary Committee as a Representative from Dover, I would cringe when the Director of Planned Parenthood of Northern New England stated, with a straight face, that money they received from the state went to the women’s health side of Planned Parenthood but not to providing abortion services.  I believed I…
August 4, 2015
Press Releases

NH Right To Life PAC Calls for GOP Committeeman Removal

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 5, 2015 Concord, NH From time to time deliberative bodies are forced to take a stand against officials or members whose actions run counter to the group’s acceptable standards for individual behaviors. NHRTL believes that this is one of those times. In light of recent events, we believe Steve Duprey must be removed from his position…
May 5, 2015