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2018 Endorsements for NH House of Representatives

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The New Hampshire Right to Life Political Action Committee is pleased to announce its endorsement of candidates for the New Hampshire House of Representatives. Each of these individuals has been fully vetted by our organization. We have determined that they are candidates who have demonstrated a powerful commitment to the inalienable right of every person to be born and to…

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NH Right To Life PAC Blasts Steve Marchand Proposal Calling for Taxpayer-Funded
 Abortions, and Calls on Sununu and Kelly to Oppose Use of Taxpayer Funding of Abortion

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Contact: David G. Umbaugh, New Hampshire Right to Life PAC Chairman; (330) 283-1914 Date: August 2, 2018 
Concord, NH – The New Hampshire Right to Life Political Action Committee today blasted a proposal by gubernatorial candidate Steve Marchand to expand New Hampshire abortions by insisting that taxpayer dollars be used to provide these procedures. The Hyde Amendment is the federal…

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Endorsed Candidates 2016

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NHRTL PAC has a strict endorsement process. Our Purpose is to promote Pro-life candidates. Our hope is that those elected to office will protect the right to life for everyone as the paramount issue. We send surveys to all registered candidates. They have an opportunity to receive our baseline Policy Manual. The manual addresses issues that legislators will face that pertain…

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NHRTL endorses Edleblut for Governor

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NHRTL Endorses Frank Edelblut The New Hampshire Right To Life Political Action Committee endorses Rep. Frank Edelblut for Governor of the state of New Hampshire in the 2016 NH GOP primary. During his tenure as representing New Hampshire’s thirty-eighth Hillsborough State House district, Frank Edelblut has maintained a perfect Pro-Life voting record and been a steadfast advocate of the pro-life…

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Happy Birthday!

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A couple of weeks ago the Delegates to the New Hampshire Republican Convention voted in an amendment that surprised some people. – Walt Stapleton’s excellent amendment to strengthen the Family PASSED, including, – Improving the first sentence about life by adding “pre-born” (instead of “unborn”), and adding “personhood” for the first time, in the underlined words, “Support the pre-born [as…

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SCOTUS Ruled No Buffer Zone

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“This is some of the best news coming out of the Supreme Court for a very long time” stated Darlene Pawlik, NH Right to Life Political Action Chair. Finally a sound Constitutional decision from SCOTUS.  It was unanimous, to boot.  The NH Legislature should be alert on this one.  We the People are watching and the election is less than…

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NH Statistics Bill Study Begins

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~Guest Post~ Ellen Kolb is the author of, a ProLife blog for the Granite State.  She has graciously agreed to share her experience at the State House the first week of June. True to the word of several legislators who spoke up earlier this year – and I have to admit I doubted them – the abortion statistics bill, HB…

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