A couple of weeks ago the Delegates to the New Hampshire Republican Convention voted in an amendment that surprised some people.

– Walt Stapleton’s excellent amendment to strengthen the Family PASSED, including,

– Improving the first sentence about life by adding “pre-born” (instead of “unborn”), and adding “personhood” for the first time, in the underlined words, “Support the pre-born [as a more life-affirming term instead of “unborn] child’s fundamental right to life and personhood under the Fourteenth Amendment, and implement all [strike “possible”] Constitutional and legal protections”

– Improving the following underlined words to the sentence about marriage, “Recognize marriage as the legal and sacred union between one man and one woman as ordained by God, encouraged by the state, traditional to humankind, and the core of the Family”

– Adding the excellent sentence, “Support a Life at Conception Act guaranteeing the protections of Life and Personhood to the pre-born under the Fourteenth Amendment of the US Constitution.”

– Adding the excellent sentence, “Enable and encourage a momentary silent prayer or reflective silence in the classroom along with the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of each school day.”

– Kurt’s excellent amendment to put back and strengthen opposition to Sharia law PASSED (new wording underlined),
“Oppose laws and programs contrary to our founding principles and take any and all actions possible to protect against the implementation of any part of Sharia law in NH, including legislation outlawing Sharia law.”

– Dan McGuire very good amendment, to put back 7 sentences PASSED, including adding back the following underlined words the platform committee had deleted, “Encourage individuals and organizations who provide alternatives to abortion by meeting the needs of mothers through adoption, support, counseling and educational services to meet the needs of the family.”

This is non-binding as clearly evidenced by the face that Scott Brown, Republican Candidate for US Senate, immediately sent a statement declaring that he did not agree with the votes of the people.

To be sure, the good people of NH will still have to find out about individual candidates, but a few questions should be able to clear that up.
~Do you agree with your Party Platform?
~Have you read the whole thing?
~Is there anything you’d change?

Depending on your perspective, that should give you the information you need to make an informed vote.

Some people have said that it is extreme to convey the rights of personhood to pre born babies. Is it extreme to shower pregnant women with gifts of newborn clothing and supplies? How about naming their baby? Is it extreme to acknowledge their new family member and set up a room for them?

I think it is extreme to legally kill babies at any point before their birthday. A birthday is merely an event in their lives, similar to the first day of school or riding a bike solo, marriage or graduation.

So, Happy Birthday! I’m glad you were born.

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