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By Phyllis Woods

Photo by Phyllis Woods

NHRTL PAC has a strict endorsement process. Our Purpose is to promote Pro-life candidates. Our hope is that those elected to office will protect the right to life for everyone as the paramount issue.

We send surveys to all registered candidates. They have an opportunity to receive our baseline Policy Manual. The manual addresses issues that legislators will face that pertain to preserving or degrading the right to life for NH’s vulnerable. Common questions and their corresponding, life-affirming answers are enumerated. If candidates are in agreement with NHRTL PAC’s positions, they have an opportunity to attest to it in writing by signing the Affirmation Statement. After that, we have a conversation to confirm that any questions or concerns are clarified.

The following candidates have completed the process. Our 2016 Voter Guide is available as well because not all candidates qualify for endorsement. Some qualify but don’t pursue the formal process.

Please get out and vote. Primary day is September 13th. The general election is November 8th. Lives depend on you.

NH Right To Life Political Action Committee

2016 Endorsed Candidates

  • For State Senate District 16, Candia, Hooksett, Manchester Wards 1+2+12 Dunbarton, Bow : Joe Duarte
  • For State Senate, District 11, Milford: Senator Gary Daniels
  • For State Senate, District 2 Bob Guida
  • For State Representative, Strafford 3, Strafford: Kurt Wuelper
  • For State Representative, Hillsboro 7, Bedford: Linda Gould
  • State Representative Hillsboro 43, Manchester: Kathy Souza
  • State Representative Hillsboro 21, Merrimack: Jeanine Notter
  • For State Representative, Rockingham 4, Sandown: Chris True
  • For State Representative, Rockingham 2, Deerfield: James Spillane
  • For State Representative, Rockingham 10, Fremont: Daniel C. Itse
  • State Representative Rockingham 34, Hampstead: Mark Pearson
  • For State Representative, Merrimack 23, Dunbarton: JR Hoell
  • For State Representative, Merrimack 23: Natalie Wells
  • For State Representative, Merrimack 2, Franklin: David Testerman
  • For State Representative, Merrimack 25, Warner: Natalie Wells
  • For State Representative, Carroll 4, Tuftonboro: Glen Cordelli
  • For State Representative, Cheshire 12, Swanzey: Richard Sainsbury
  • State Representative Cheshire 1, Westmoreland: Malia Boaz

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