NHRTL Endorses Frank Edelblut

The New Hampshire Right To Life Political Action Committee endorses Rep. Frank Edelblut for Governor of the state of New Hampshire in the 2016 NH GOP primary.

During his tenure as representing New Hampshire’s thirty-eighth Hillsborough State House district, Frank Edelblut has maintained a perfect Pro-Life voting record and been a steadfast advocate of the pro-life cause.

“It is a privilege to endorse a candidate who understands the importance of life issues for people of all ages” said Kurt Wuelper, Chairman of the NHRTL PAC.

Citing Frank Edelblut’s deep understanding of life issues, Wuelper continued “We strongly believe that with a Governor Edelblut, New Hampshire will move toward protection of every innocent human life, from the elderly and infirm to the pre-born”.

While other candidates may claim to be pro-life, Frank has proven his mettle by consistently supporting every aspect of the pro-life agenda during his House tenure. We’ve never had to worry about Frank playing political games or vacillating. He’s always on the side of Life and any proposal that helps advance the cause.

Frank Edleblut has consistently supported Fetal homicide bills to provide justice for those who lose a wanted pre-born baby. He has worked to compel abortion providers to report CDC requested data so everyone can know how many abortions occur where in NH.

Unlike many others, Frank has the courage to stand for protecting viable babies without exception. He has voted to protect babies born alive accidentally when abortions fail.

Frank Edleblut has also voted to protect our seniors from being pushed into suicide via Study Committees or Commissions to study “End of Life issues” or, more accurately, Physician Assisted Suicide.


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