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2018 NH House Supported and Endorsed Candidates

By August 31, 2018October 15th, 20185 Comments

As the pro-life stance of the candidate is evaluated by the New Hampshire Right to Life Political Action Committee, those candidates with a clear pro-life orientation are ranked in one of two categories: either ‘supported’ or ‘endorsed.’

‘Endorsed’ candidates are those that have been thoroughly vetted and the committee has great confidence in their pro-life stands.

Those that are ‘supported’ are those persons who returned written surveys which show a strong pro-life orientation, even if the surveys were not necessarily “perfect.” We will continue to vet these individuals, but we believe we have enough information to encourage you to support them.

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  • Lisa says:

    Do you realize the candidate that you endorsed Patrick McDougall is facing criminal charges right now for witness tampering? He has also made some pretty rude comments about women and how they should be careful not to get raped. I really would take a second look at this candidate you are endorsing.

    • Kurt Wuelper says:

      thank you.We we not aware that Patrick McDougall was falsely claiming our endorsement. NHRTL is proud of our “ENDORSED” candidates, all of whom have or will unequivocally stand for protecting ALL innocent human life, ALL the time.

      Mr. McDougall is 0n our “SUPPORTED” list. As we note, these people have not been fully vetted by NHRTL PAC and/or don not agree with us on all the issues. Mr. McDougall returned an excellent survey and we “support” him on that basis, subject to further investigation which is ongoing.

  • Kurt Wuelper says:

    We all should remember that being a candidate forces one into discussions not often had by most anyone else. Candidates, especially new ones, have not practiced responding to difficult questions and may lack the depth of understanding of issues that come with experience, especially the experience of public discourse.

    That said, NHRTL PAC endorses candidates because those people take the protection of innocent human life very seriously. We do not expect them to be eloquent without some serious thought about some very difficult and complex issues surrounding life threatening situations. We strive to help them better present their views in ways that are sensitive to all without yielding the fundamental principle of our inalienable right to life.

    Failure of a candidate to best make his point is not a reason for us to remove whatever level of support we have for a candidate. If that person will stand faithfully and courageously against the culture of death, NHRTL PAC will stand alongside.

  • Donna Stiles says:

    Maybe their party will be on the voting sheet.

    • kurt wuelper says:

      Donna, Their Party makes no difference to NHRTL. We endorse people: people who will stand for life and against the culture of death.
      we rremain confident that voters will know who we think they should vote for without us having to identify the party for them.

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