Dear Political Candidate,

My name is Darlene. We have not met. I’ve been told that you are not pro-life. You are listed as a Republican on the Republican ballot here in NH.

Pro-life is a modern term that usually means anti-abortion to most people. It means a great deal more than that to me.

I would venture to say that you are pro-life when it comes to your friends and family members. It is very unlikely that you would be willing for someone to “make a choice” to pull your nephew’s arms and legs off and crush his scull or to have digoxin injected into your coworkers heart, causing a heart attack so that she would die within a few hours from the excruciating pain and oxygen deprivation. These are two common abortion procedures.

I’m pretty sure you are a person that would not want a two-year old to be placed into a vat of poison that would burn her skin and mucous membranes causing a slow, painful death that would take anywhere from an hour to 3 days. This is another abortion procedure.

So, what age would it be appropriate to take such actions? Or is it that you don’t personally have a connection to the people to whom these atrocities are being committed?

Should only those who are perfect and beautiful, productive and smart be provided protection under the law? Who determines this criteria?

Wouldn’t that exclude a huge swath of people? What about your grandmother or your great aunt? When they are no longer providing a service to humanity, should they no longer be protected from imposed death? What if they were ill or disabled?

As a candidate for public office, you are agreeing to take on enormous responsibilities. If elected, you will have great influence. You will have the ability to enact laws that either protect innocent life or protect those who would murder the most vulnerable of our society.

If only the person contracted to kill another can see the person being killed, does that make it ok? Only the abortion facility staff ever see their victims. So, is that what makes it ok to kill the most vulnerable of our society?

Maybe it is okay to kill older people or the disabled, if we use their remains to power electric plants. Or in some other way, make a person deemed useless useful by taking their body parts after we kill them and using the for research or mulch.

towerIf you believe that people should be protected from imposed death, then you are pro-life. I hope you will think about the scenarios depicted herein. This happens every day.

I would be very happy to meet with you or talk at any time about how you might be able to protect people from murder, so that we do not see a future like that of Nazi Germany.

You have a chance to be a tower of hope in a time of great importance. Will you be lifted up above the base to protect people?

What would you say in response to this letter?

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  • jane cormier says:

    I support Personhood from conception to natural death!

  • John T.O'Connor says:

    Obviously you preferred to send a blanket e-mail to all. if you would have reviewed the voting records you wouldn’t have had to send this to me.
    God Bless

  • I have a 100% pro-life rating 2011 and 2012 NH Legislature

  • Susan DeLemus says:

    Abortion is murder. I know because I murdered my own child, a defenseless baby, another human being who had the right to live. For my own selfish reasons I made the decision to kill him or her so that my life wouldn’t get “complicated”. No one has the right to take the life of another innocent person, no matter where that person happens to be residing at the time. Abortion should never be funded by public moneys because by fiat it makes us all a part of the mass murderer of millions of other people. We all have the blood of innocent people on our hands.

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