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For Immediate Release
September 4, 2020

The NHRTL Political Action Committee today reminds everyone Dave Wheeler’s heroic efforts led the combined influence of pro-lifers across New Hampshire to get the Executive Council to totally defund Planned Parenthood. several years ago.

Dave has been the primary, and often the only, voice for the pre-born on the Executive Council.

In every aspect of his work as an Executive councilor, Dave has always, without exception, striven to protect the pre-born. His pro-life passion can never be questioned. Any attempt to even cast a shadow over Dave Wheeler when it comes to pro-life is a scandalous lie.

NHRTL PAC again urges everyone to support the most pro-life Councilor we have ever seen: Dave Wheeler for Executive Council District 5.

Find your voting information here:

For Life,

Bill Smith
NHRTL PAC Chairman

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