Votes matter, but they are slow and often deceptive.


A person may convince us that they are in line with our core principles, only to cave when there is social pressure.


The politics of access is a dangerous thing.  Aligning with a person or group because they are in a position of power is never a good place to be.


Where are all the patriots?  Even the patriots have disagreements.  There are a few essentials that if held dear, are the common thread that determines those who are patriots verses those who are elitists or statists.


This is the most important election in history.  Why?  Because the others are history.  Every election is the most important in history, before it is history.  Your vote is super important. It is valuable. I don’t even want to touch on voter fraud or malfunctioning machines… A discussion for another day.


When we go to the polls on Tuesday, we are sending a message to the powers that be.  What will your message be?  Mine?  Will our votes be recorded in our personal history as being in line with our core values or will we vote the lesser of two evils?  In a few races here in NH, the candidates are very disappointing.  In a place where only the angels are watching, will you vote your conscience or will you hold your nose and gag your way through the process hoping and praying that some good will come of it?


I am not a single issue voter.  However, there is a hierarchy of importance to issues.  Life is first.  Where a candidate stands on the issues surrounding imposed death, dismemberment and destruction of human life is the very first criteria upon which I look at a candidate.


Human beings are the crescendo of creation.  God made man for His great pleasure, to love us intimately.  I know I am entering theological ground here, but I believe the Bible.  God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should have everlasting life.  The implication is, as we read on, that life is to be in heaven with Him forever comforted in His loving presence. He wanted people to love Him freely though.


Free will has its drawbacks. People freely choose to do evil and to hate God and His ways of doing things.  Scripture tells us that heaven and earth are called as witnesses against us this day, that our Creator has set before us life and death, blessing and cursing.  Further, we are admonished to choose life and blessing, that we and our descendants would live.


When we choose life, we choose to give people an opportunity to love God.  If we choose death, we rob God of that opportunity. It’s a bigger issue that taxes or the economy.  It’s more important than sexual orientation.  Life and death are truly at stake.


State sanctioned murder with our money, forcibly taken, is at stake.


Hopefully, patriots will arise.  Prayerfully, we work toward a culture that respects life. Earnestly, His people will turn from wicked ways, humble ourselves and pray, seek his face and He will forgive our sins and will heal our land.  We need valiant defenders of our Right to Life.

Our votes are important. In what other ways are you working toward a culture of life?

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