2014 Endorsements will be posted beginning August 5th.

NHRTL PAC is using a process new to us.  Providing for a personhood approach in selecting candidates worthy of our support.  This means that candidates seeking to be endorsed by NHRTL PAC will receive a policy manual that briefly explains the various issues that affect the Right to Life for NH Citizens.  From abortion to imposed death for elderly and Obamacare rationing to emerging technologies, ProLife  legislators will need to be equipped in order to protect our Right to Life.

The first step in the process is to read and affirm the ProLife Principles therein.  By returning this public statement, they attest to abide by the Principle that the Right to Life should be recognized by the state and protected by law for all human beings.

Next, will be an interview process to help discern what, if any, resources each candidate may want.

In contested races, where an incumbent with a ProLife record is running against an unknown, NHRTL will not consider the application of a newcomer.

Personhood is the future of the ProLife Movement.

The concept that ProLife is anti-abortion is a limiting, antiquated thought.

The two terms that will dominate the 21st Century public policy are transhumanism and eugenics according to Nigel Cameron, president and cofounder of the institute on Biotechnology & the Human Future.  Biotech just may be the term used to describe the current period in the same way the Industrial Revolution described the late 18th and first part of the 19th Centuries.

We have the opportunity, nay the responsibility, to establish the benchmark of human dignity.

We expect our legislators to reject any and all proposed legislation that denies the Right to Life for any class or category of human beings.

Keep a lookout for our Candidates.  Pitch in with time, energy and money to help all of your fellow citizens retain the Right to Life. Always remember to pray for those in authority over us. 1 Timothy 2:2



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