Few people have not been used for something in their lives. Perhaps a coworker frequently joins you for lunch and doesn’t remember her wallet or a sibling with a habit of borrowing your vehicle and leaving the tank empty. Of course there are the, so called, friends that borrow stuff never to be returned or that, all too familiar girlfriend or boyfriend who tells you they love you and then leaves your heart broken.

That is what Pro-Lifers feel like during election seasons. Politicians love to attend our events, talk about respect for life and even demand things must change. Then when our people show up, pony up and stand up for them, they win. Too often, when they get into office they do not vote to protect the right to life.

We were used. Large contingents of people honestly care about life and the right to life for everyone, regardless of age, level of development, or degree of disability. People are valuable because they are people. They deserve protection under the law. They deserve the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Thankfully, there are some willing to hold public office.

founding-fatherWe have real treasure in our Founding Documents. They established this country with just laws. No one and nothing is ever going to be perfect, but America’s original intent was pretty good. The corruption of our laws is directly related to the corruption of our lawmakers. They say one thing and do another. Life is not the only issue for office holders to be concerned with, but it is the first issue.

Without the right to life, what is there? A gravesite? Let’s be real. Dead people don’t care about jobs or taxes or welfare reform or corporate regulation. We need lawmakers who have the first right in mind. If a person respects another’s right to life, they will probably respect other rights endowed by our Creator.

If a person is willing for others who are inconvenient or infirm to be killed, why would anyone think they were not willing to lie? People who advocate for legal killing are not likely going to respect your property rights. Consider for a moment how much money it saves to kill an ill person, who may cost thousands of dollars a day to treat and what about how much money is made by killing tiny people who are not seen by anyone except their executioners. Much of that money is fueling the debate and paying for the campaigns.

I urge you to carefully consider who you are supporting this year. Think about whether or not we will have another opportunity to restore our country. NH is one of the worst places to be a pre-born baby. Let’s change that. Let’s put people in office who fear God enough to tell the truth, to protect His creation and to honor their pledges.

Are you paying attention? How will you be helping to protect the rights of your countrymen?

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  • Max Abramson says:

    Thank you folks very much for everything that you are doing to restore the first right of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” Our work on traffic safety, pedestrian safety, worker safety, world class medical treatment, cancer clusters, and crime pales in comparison to the 53 million lives lost before babies have had a chance to see daylight, their mothers, their brothers and sisters.

    There can be no more fundamental right than the right to life itself.

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