Today, Friday the 13th of June, is the last day to get your name on the ballot for office in the State of NH.

On this rainy day, I remember when I was a very small child and I wondered if the sky was crying. I would think about what could be so bad that the earth would cry.

Now that I am older and I read, I know about so much heartbreak and tragedy.  If I were to think that the earth could cry, I can easily imagine why.  Any student of world history can.

New Hampshire’s state motto is, “Live Free or Die”.  It isn’t “Live Free and Die” or “Live Free and Let Other’s Die” or “Live Free So Others Die.”

Our Purpose at NH Right to Life Political Action Committee is to find and help candidates that will protect the Right to Life for all people, regardless of their age, level of development, socioeconomic status, regardless of disability, degree of dependance, level of productivity, with no qualifications or attributes and no category defined by any Board or Committee of any kind.

I personally know of a good number of truly good people who have signed up to serve this state by filing their candidacy for public office. People who will use effort to protect the Right to Life.

Currently, NH has zero protections for the most vulnerable of society, the preborn.  We have a buffer zone that significantly limits the ability of people to protect trafficking victims or coercion victims being brought to the abortion vendors.  We have ambiguous law defining end of life care, that basically doesn’t protect people from starvation and dehydration by calling nutrition and hydration, medical care. Our laws concerning these issues are very sad, indeed.

Are there enough people to serve who will be able to protect the Right to Life in the future?

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